The Tree of Thanks.

Have I told you recently how crazy awesome Finn’s daycare provider is?  Well she is.  There is no one I would feel better about leaving my son with.  And when dealing with Finn, there must be lots of patience.  Oh, that’s with all kids?  Good to know.

At least once a week he comes home with a project that he created from The Life Cycle of the Plant to a working telescope when she’s doing a pirate theme week.

Yes, she has themed weeks.  I wish I could go there.  AND they get to take naps.  That’s just about my idea of heaven.  At least I can say my daycare lady is cooler than your daycare lady.

I’m fairly certain we’re not paying her enough.  Good thing because we couldn’t afford her.

Last week he came home with his Tree of Thanks.


On the leaves they wrote what they were thankful for.  In case you can’t read, Finn is thankful for:


Dump Trucks

(as my SIL pointed out, all males are really grateful for dump trucks)






Shooting Things

That’s how we roll in the Hanke house.  Who isn’t grateful for shooting things??  We raise our child to appreciate violence, blood, and guts.  It builds character.

Good thing he didn’t say he was grateful for tequila and pot-he must have remembered those were SECRETS.

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One Response to The Tree of Thanks.

  1. Denise says:

    Finn always surprises me! He is so sweet and intelligent – and this leads to creativity, not only like in DIY-things, but in words too! He’s great, reflecting how great his parents are!
    I loved this daycare, if I ever teach again, I’ll copy this idea! Really great!
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