What I will blame in the future.


Is what we heard on Saturday night at midnight as we were watching a movie.

I thought the damn cat had knocked something off the counter in the kitchen.

Josh thought he should go check on Finn.

Good thing one of us is smart.

I heard the wailing as they approached the stairs.

We don’t know exactly what happened but I suspect Finn woke up and thought he was standing on the ground, but was actually standing on his bed and when he took a step, he fell.

And he fell hard.  On something with a sharp corner.  That cracked his forehead.

There was a gash on his forehead that was becoming a goose egg alarmingly fast.  Josh handed him to me and went on a hunt for ice.

To say I’m excellent in a crisis would be fact.

If it were opposite day.

Oh my goodness, ouch, I bet that hurt.  Oh goodness, Finn is going to die.  He is GOING TO DIE.  His head is split open and he’s going to DIE.  And then I’m going to die because I can’t live without him.  DEATH-DEAD-DIE.

Apparently this is not how you should react when you are attempting to comfort your 3-year-old son.


Josh gave me a look telling me to SHUT UP because I was not helping.

Someone has to be calm and collected in this situation.  Not going to be me.

I’m a very good person for pacing and worrying and calling the doctor at the most inappropriate times.  Most often between 12p-6a.  And on all major holidays, I call just to say hello.

Finn didn’t have concussion, didn’t need to be go to the ER, didn’t hardly bleed, and didn’t die (much to my surprise).  He does have wicked gash that will probably turn into a cool scar that he can invent a story to go with.  He did sleep next to me all night to make me him feel better.

In the future when he gets in trouble, I’ll just blame that he used to jump out of bed in the middle of the night and crash his head into wooden furniture, it is NOT because I dropped him on his head too many times as a baby.

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9 Responses to What I will blame in the future.

  1. Vince says:

    First thing you’ll need to get used to is that boys get banged up. Cause we do dumb and crazy stuff (you every see any women doing stunts on Jackass?). Your boy will be bumped, bruised, scratched, and bleed. My younger one cracked his head on the edge of a chair at about the same age and needed 4 stitches. You just hold a towel to their head to stem the bleeding until they’re patched up.

    I’d tell you not to worry, but obviously that’s your job. As he gets older and gets banged up, give him a bandaid or rub some dirt in the wound, pat him on the head, and send him off. He’ll forget about it in about 5 minutes. Trust me on that.
    Vince recently posted..EZ Come EZ GoMy Profile

  2. Heh heh, glad he’s okay.
    I’ve gotten so used to the wails after a tumble, I just look over now and if I don’t see blood, I say, “shake it off and continue.”
    Sprite’s Keeper recently posted..The four wheels or no wheels rule still applies, but the driver’s record is clean.My Profile

  3. Tracey says:

    See? Perfect excuse.

    p.s. my sister fell out of the top bunk one night when we were kids. I’ve seen no lingering issues from that event. Although I had to sleep in the top bunk from then on.
    Tracey recently posted..OMGMy Profile

  4. kyooty says:

    Frozen waffles! are your friend.
    kyooty recently posted..Happy ThanksGiving from the Crazy CanadianMy Profile

  5. Denise says:

    OOOhhhh, sorry for you and sweet Finn! I guess if I were a mother, I would feel the same as you “oh my God, his head, it’s bleeding, oh please, come fast with that ice”, although I think I wouldn’t say all that out loud – my mother did! And we got more nervous, it’s true!
    I am so glad Finn – and you – are OK!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 94My Profile

  6. Juana says:

    Oh, please! I didn’t want to laugh while I read this, because it is a serious matter but I cracked up with how you narrated the incident!!
    Twenty seven years ago, when my daughter was three she fell from her bed while sleeping at my sister’s house. She split her chin open on the tile floor, and there was a puddle of blood. My reaction was pretty much like yours. My sister was the cool one… and drove to the hospital. Thank God, because if I would have had to drive, in my state of nerves ,I would have crashed right into the nearest lamp post!! Mayra did need stitches though! I am glad Finn didn’t and that he is well. :)
    Juana recently posted..FINALLY GONE!My Profile

  7. Kate says:


    I meant it as funny, so please laugh away!! Thank goodness for the people who are good in crisis, to balance us that aren’t, out!

    :) Kate

  8. Kate says:


    Ahh, sage advice!!

    :) Kate

  9. maggie says:

    ahahahaha. kind of a hilarious story, truth be told!

    I tend to get scary calm in a crisis. Sometimes people mistake it for me knowing what to do. I think I actually just shut down.
    Unless I’m the one bleeding. Then I completely lose my shit.
    maggie recently posted..Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good feast!My Profile

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