This is the last time, I swear…

Okay, this will be last time that I beg you to click on the adds and such on our website, because I can tell that you are getting sick of it (except you can’t see me, and there is a good chance my fingers are crossed behind my back). I moved the add to the side and was able to add the google search I told you about before, so you don’t have to scroll all the way down to the bottom. Just read, enjoy a little, and click (and *kaching* we get 50 cents).

We are investigating other things we can add to our site that could potentially earn us money, so those will probably be around the same spot if we choose to add them, so please use those as well, if at all possible!

Okay, now I know that you were a little peeved because I said we were going to use the money for sending Finn to Harvard, and you knew it was a lie because it’s already crystal clear that he will get a full ride scholarship no problem. So I am going to be totally honest with you and tell you exactly what we are going to use the money for: we are saving up for a breast pump so I can get started stocking up for when I go back to work because it will be more than extremely difficult to pump during the day because I have 2 breaks, a 30 minute prep (that is usually used for dealing with the crisis of the day) and a 40 minute lunch where I get to eat with my awesome team (I don’t want to spend that time in the nurses office eating on the cot by myself). I have been told that I can pump now and freeze it and it will last up to a year, that way when I return to work, if I have a good enough stock pile, I can just pump right before and after work and still have enough for him. Now a breast pump (the good ones that take the least amount of time and get the most amount of milk) cost between $300-$400. Tonight Jen told us we could have the base of hers, which will save us hundreds of dollars, a life saver, so I don’t know what the rest of it will cost. We are also saving for a freezer to store all the breast milk that I am hoping to produce this summer (a ton)! Once again, Guenthers to the rescue, they said we could use part of their freezer, but if we need more space than that, we will have to provide it by buying a freezer for our garage. And lastly, I want to spoil myself with a pedicure and a new pair of sandals when my swelling in my feet goes down because I have hated the swelling with a passion and they made my beautiful feet (and I truly have beautiful feet, I could be a foot model, and in fact was one for one of my mom’s commercials) ugly and gross. Sometimes I can see my feet looking like they once did and I get so excited, a pedicure is like my favorite, favorite thing as far as relaxing. And when you feel hideous every where, it is nice to look at something, like your feet, hands, hair, SOMETHING that you can say, even though the rest of me looks like a monster, I really like my feet (or whatever). It’s just that little thing that makes you feel a little less ugly that makes a huge difference. To go with spoiling my feet, I also really want to buy some parenting books but feel guilty using money from our budget for that when it should go to things for Finn like wipes and such.

So there’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! If I could get enough money for just these things, I would be so thrilled, I would feel like I was walking on the moon, so please indulge me, and I promise this was the last time I will ask (unless we choose to add other things, and then I will explain what to do for us to get money)!

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