Finn’s questions.

Finn has been happily asking questions since he could put 2-3 words together.  Since he learned the word “why,” has has used it at least 845,658,962,563 times (give or take 13,345 times).  Why makes me want to stick my head in the oven.

His other questions, I have observed, go in cycles.  His three favorite questions at this point in time are…

What time is it?

He has no comprehension of time and he enjoys asking this questions about every 30 seconds.

When will I get to drive?

To which I respond, in 12 years.  This is always followed up by…will you teach me how to drive?  To which I think…you already know how to drive me crazy.

When do I get to be a Daddy?

After you graduate from college is going to be my new answer.

What is it in us that’s always wanting the NEXT THING?  I distinctly remember not being able to wait for ANYTHING…and when I got there it was normally great, but I didn’t take time to enjoy it because I was already on to the next thing.

Staring down my 30th birthday in a matter of days…makes me think I should have enjoyed the things I couldn’t wait for while I had the chance.

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  1. Tracey says:

    We ALWAYS look to the future when we’re young. Everyone does it. Later in life you look back and laugh.
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