3,669,120 minutes = 61,152 hours = 2,555 days = 364 weeks = 7 years.

7 years I have been married to my best friend, the father of my son, and the person who has believed and expected the most of me.

I have learned more and become more of the person I want to be because of Josh.

I couldn’t be happier or feel luckier.

I couldn’t ask for more.

On our recent trip to the Badlands of South Dakota where I was miserable and sick, I was reminded once again why I love this man more today than the day I met him, he asked me to be his wife, the day we created our own little family (starting with him and I), or even the best day of our lives when Finn was born.  Josh always puts Finn and I above himself in everything he does.

Josh never complained or blamed in the challenges we have faced.  We have faced everything as a unbreakable team and (whenever possible) laughing at the situation and ourselves.  It is a great man that treats his wife with the same amount of love and respect when she’s making only $11,000 and working 12+ hours in a day to earn her Masters Degree, when she is hired as a teacher and makes more, when she resigns from her position and becomes unemployed and feels unemployable, when she accepts a job making $13 an hour that leads to an amazing opportunity and position.  Josh has supported me and loved me despite anything that is going on in our lives.  He is a great man.

It is a lucky girl who gets to call that great man his wife.

The best times still remain the quiet times watching shows, playing games, dreaming dreams, or laying in bed listening to audio books as we have done recently.

I am who I am because of my husband.  I love you, honey.  Looking forward to 7 squared more years of marriage (with you, preferably).

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3 Responses to 3,669,120 minutes = 61,152 hours = 2,555 days = 364 weeks = 7 years.

  1. Nic says:


  2. Vince says:

    Happy Anniversay! Here’s wishing you 70 more years together!
    Vince recently posted..You talking to me?My Profile

  3. Mary Jo Majerus says:

    So good to see the photos again – thanks for posting the video Kate! I am so proud of both of you – you have an awesome marriage – and you are BOTH very fortunate – to have found each other. Love, mom

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