Finn has become very interested in private parts and all that goes with that topic.  I am pretty sure I’m guaranteeing him decades of fun in therapy.  He is convinced that girls have penis’, no matter how much I tell him that this is not the case.

Side note…please leave any tips or resources you’ve found helpful in broaching this subject with your kids.

Josh and I approach it as very matter of factly, we use the real names and we inform him that these are things we talk about in our family, in private.  After my sister was here a couple weeks ago (as I know she won’t mind me sharing this story) I was changing and Finn happened to be in the room.  This is the conversation that followed.

Finn: What are those?

Me: Boobs.

Finn: I can’t wait until I’m a grown up and have those.

Me: Boys don’t have boobs, only girls have boobs.

Finn: Aunt Jessica doesn’t haven any.

Me: Yes she does, they’re just smaller than mama’s.  Boobs come in all shapes and sizes.

Finn: Like squares and triangles?

See what I mean about therapy?

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