Vacationing at the Badlands…or rather the AwesomeLands as I like to call them.

The plan was to go with Josh’s parents, Josh’s sister and her 5 children (1 being her husband), Josh, Finn and I on a little vacation.

Which was a GREAT plan as far as I was concerned, because those or most of my favorite people in the world.

Josh’s mom had to go and get a new knee so she and Josh’s dad had to decline, but wanted us to go and have fun anyways.  And fun, we had.  So much fun, I think it was almost illegal in 13 states.  The only way we could have had more fun is if Josh’s parents had come with us.  We look to repeating this trip many times in the future with EVERYONE.

However, if Josh’s parents start getting all new body parts right before we are ready to leave, I might start to take it personally.  Just sayin’.

I partied like a rock start and spent the drive out there throwing up in nice and not so nice rest stops.  My husband had given me strep.  I then stopped talking to him.  He said it was nice to have some peace and quiet.

I spent most of the time sleeping and almost dying in the hotel room (or at least that was my cover, as I really just wanted some peace and quiet nap time).  I was so happy everyone had a great time, even without my brilliant commentary.  Here is a video that quite nicely sums it up.

Check back soon for the pictures from our adventures!

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One Response to Vacationing at the Badlands…or rather the AwesomeLands as I like to call them.

  1. Denise says:

    Such a very beautiful place! I love places surrounded by water! I really hope you enjoyed – anyway you wanted it! Sleeping is needed, pretty much! (I love it! I confess!) Hope next time Josh’s parents can go with you!

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