20 toofers, no cavities.

Our little trooper went to his first dentist appointment and he did really well, besides him not opening his mouth very wide and trying to push the tools out of his mouth with his tongue.

We had talked about it extensively and he said he was good to go, but when it came to the moment when he actually had to sit in the chair, the fear was evident in his face and eyes.  I hit him with a one-two punch, going all out to get through it as painlessly as possible for us him.  I don’t mess around.

1. Bribe

We would go for a treat if he did a good job.

2. Lie

The dentist had to count his teeth because that’s how the tooth fairy knew how many teeth he had when he starts loosing them.  We don’t play when it comes to tooth fairy fraud in our house.

As soon as we left, he wanted to know when he could come back.  I don’t blame him, the kid got bank…2 toothpastes, a toothbrush, and a toy AND the tooth fairy had been texted with his official tooth count and we were on our way to get a sugary treat to make the dentist earn his salary at the next visit.

Still, all in all, I consider it a WIN!


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