The light Nazi.

It is my fundamental belief that a kid with a job is a kid that has less time, energy, boredom, and brain power to do something that they shouldn’t be.

Last week I thought it would be a great job for him to being in charge of shutting all the lights off in the house before we leave in the morning.

I was wrong.

He might be the type of person who doesn’t believe in going halfway when he could be extreme.  He might have gotten this from me.

The next morning he took it upon himself to shut off the lights in rooms we were in…on Josh while he was brushing his teeth, me when I was packing my work bag.

When we dared to turn the light back on, he turned around, hands on his hips, and with attitude that a father with kids who waste would envy.

I JUST turned that off!!  You are wasting ‘lectricity AND money.

we had a window to a future moment when his kids didn’t turn off the lights like he had asked.

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