Superhero shots.

I’ve heard horror stories about the shots kids get at 5 years old.  A nurse told me a kid had kicked her down while she was giving them the shots and another had to be pried away from the chair she was sitting in.

When we took Finn in for his 5 year-old well child check, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Yes, he’s only 4 years and 5 months, but he’s advanced for his age.

I knew we had to walk the fine line where he knew what was coming, but not so much and so far ahead of time that it would freak him out.  When we picked him up and started driving to the doctor we broached the subject.  Starting with what we’ve told him since he was old enough to understand before going to the doctor.

We’re going to the doctor.  Remember at the doctor, she’ll look at you, look in your ears, eyes, mouth, listen to your heart and how you breathe.  The doctor is one of the people who will look at your private parts to make sure everything is ok.  She will look at and touch your penis for just a minute.

Then slid into the shots talk.

Since you’re such a big boy now, going to Kindergarten next year, you’ll have to get some shots today.  You know what’s really cool about shots?  They’re superheros against germs.  They will protect you from getting sick.

Which turned into a conversation about which superhero shots he would get…Captain America, Superman, Spider-man, etc.

The only way for the superhero to get inside you is to do it with a needle.  So it will hurt, but just for a second and then the superheros will be inside you keeping you safe.  But they’re so small, they’re invisible.

It all went out the window after the first shot.  He couldn’t care less about superheros or being protected.  He looked at Josh and I like we had betrayed him as we had to hold him down as he received his shots.  I can’t imagine if he ever did get really sick.  It must be the worst thing as a parent.  I wish I could have gotten the shots and then transferred them to him with hugs and kisses.

All in all, he was a champ.  When he found out he got to get 5 stickers for his 5 shots, he managed to stop crying and he earned every spoonful of ice cream on the way home.  When he woke us up the next morning, he told us he could feel his superheros inside him, protecting him.  Made 1% of the guilt go away, but 99% still wished he hadn’t had to have any shots and 100% of me was so glad he won’t have any more shots (besides his annual flu shot) until he’s 11.


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2 Responses to Superhero shots.

  1. Tracey says:

    In 10 years, he won’t even remember the shots. He’ll remember the ice cream and the stickers.
    Tracey recently posted..(so not a) Daily PhotoMy Profile

  2. Vince says:

    I recall those days. They get over it in no time.
    Vince recently posted..Travellng to OrlandoMy Profile

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