We’ve Got Dimples Ladies and Gentlemen

I was just finishing feeding Mr. Finn on one side, burped him and prepared to move him to the other side. I was trying to get him to open up when he did what he does when he’s done eating, he clamps his little lips together like “you can’t make me mama, I don’t want anymore.” Then, out of no where the hugest smile spreads over his face (I swear it was a smile even though I don’t think it’s developmentally possible yet) But it wasn’t even the smile, which was breathtaking in itself, but 2 dimples appeared, one in each cheek, JUST LIKE DADDYS’!

Now there are so many things that I find physically attractive about Josh, but his dimples just kill me and if there was one thing I could have chosen that all of our children have of his, is his dimples, so I just about peed myself when my wish had been granted.

Now, even though my husband and sister think that I am lying, I stick by the fact that I also have 1 dimple in one of my cheeks (I don’t remember which one) or at least I had one. I don’t know if I outgrew it or I just have so much fat on my face that no one can see it anymore. Mom, back me up, I totally had a dimple, right?

AND, to make this moment even better (which was unnecessary) this is usually the time when my little man decides what he wants more than anything is to scream for an hour and there is absolutely nothing I can do to soothe him (you name it, I’ve tried it, he must be exercising his lungs for future playing an instrument in the band). Tonight I was going to try tequila, that always helps me sleep (and YUMMY!), but I guess I don’t have to because he is being an angel (for the moment, I am sure he makes no promises for all night)!

I just had to post about this before I forgot how it felt to see those dimples for the first time, I just want to come out of my skin. He smiled twice (he was probably pooping himself), I got to see them twice!

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