Duh, mama!

There are some older boys at Finn’s daycare and since he’s been old enough to notice, he gets upset because there are some times when they’re playing with things they don’t need a kid who is 3-4 years younger messing around with.

This has been a constant conversation in our family.  These boys will include Finn A LOT.  But every once and awhile they will go in another room and shut him out.  We have explained to him at least 6,392 times that it’s really nice these boys usually include Finn, but sometimes they want to do something that Finn just isn’t old enough to do yet.

Another conversation came up in the car…and I wasn’t about to waste the opportunity to draw connections for him.

Finn: I don’t like it when John plays with me because he doesn’t play the way I want him to and he messes everything up.

Me: Well John is younger than you, right?  He just doesn’t understand things the same way as you do.  Remember when the older boys play by themselves and it makes you feel left out?  That’s the same thing.  John is just baby, he doesn’t get it.

Finn: No mama, he’s a TODDLER!

Thanks for stepping on my point.  Parenting fail.  

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