Wherein Finn wins us parenting of the year awards.

The only thing more embarrassing than kids not doing what you’ve trained them to do is them doing so in front of a large number of people.  Because, seriously?!?!  Why make you look like a bad parent in front of a couple of people, it’s much more efficient to do it in front of a LOT of people.

Like at Church.

At the beginning of service, the kids go up to the front for something called “Children’s Time”…or as Finn considers it…embarrass his parent time.

Pastor: What’s special about Ash Wednesday?

Finn: We eat turkey.

Another time it was an “awwww…” moment.

Pastor: Who is your hero?

Finn: My Aunt Jessica.

I always say it’s a  good thing he’s so gosh darned cute, because it lets him get away with being a stinker.

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One Response to Wherein Finn wins us parenting of the year awards.

  1. Diana Hanke says:

    The Aunt Jessica is my hero was GREAT! He knw what he was saying and he ment it

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