And the battle begins.

Josh and I have made the choice to have one TV in our house.  We will probably always only have one TV in our house.  Finn will never have a TV in his room.

Since Finn is an only child he doesn’t have to go through the bartering and compromising on what to watch.  I am very protective of what he’s allowed to watch.  So 90% of the shows Josh and I enjoy watching, we don’t allow him to see so we watch it when he’s sleeping or not home.  This also makes it so when we watch TV, he gets to choose what we watch.

When the opportunity arises that he has to wait until Josh and I finish a show we are watching, we embrace the opportunity and make him wait.  This exact unique situation came up.

Finn: Can I watch my show?

Me: When I’m done watching my show.

Finn sits and thinks quietly for a minute.

Finn: Do we have another TV?

Yep, but they’re all invisible.  I’m sure this won’t be the last time he asks.  And so the battle begins.

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  1. Bee-zee says:

    A friend of mine has the same opinion – even more than that, she didn’t even want a TV, but her ex-husband wanted the daughter to have one in the flat, so he send it to them… Roald Dahl hated TVs and I know many people who don’t have one. But the questions will go on… he’s so intelligent!
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