What I learned from my mom…

Today my mom is turning 60 and although I can’t say our relationship has always been easy, I can say we’ve always been there for each other when the other needed.  And we have always loved each other more than most infinity.  Here are some of the lessons my mom taught me…


It is always the right time to speak what you know to be true, even if others don’t agree or believe in what you’re saying.

With education, hard work, and determination, you can be anyone you want to be and go anywhere you want to go.

There is no such thing as normal.

The differences in others we see are not to be feared, but to be celebrated and it’s what makes the world filled with beautiful colors and unique perspectives.

You may not always respect the idea or action, but the person always deserves your respect.

We’re never to old to learn something new or too young to play.

Mom, thanks for these lessons and many more I’m sure I still have to learn.


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