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  1. Ellen says:

    Wow! I’ve had pancreatitis also. It was my early 20’s. I’m 49 and I’ve only had one recurrence (thank the Lord).

    Finn is absolutely precious! I love that smile.
    Ellen recently posted..Agritourism – a fix for us mosquito-fearing Cowgirl WannabeesMy Profile

  2. Kate says:

    Thanks for stopping by! I love the name Ellen! I have never “met” someone else who had pancreatitis, it’s always a friend’s, brother’s, mother-in-laws nurse. What did yours come from? My gall bladder became active during my pregnancy and during one episode, a stone was lodged into my pancreas and MAGIC…pancreatitis. I read that there is chronic pancreatitis and it can be brought on by alcohol and other things such as that or someone can just be super unlucky to get it more than once. My gall bladder was removed and 3 years later I have no lasting effects and I consider myself very lucky. However, I really don’t think I could survive another one so I give you HUGE props for living through 2!
    Finn is quite adorable, and thanks for saying so! I will be back to your site to visit very soon, I love it!!
    :) Kate

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