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Updated January 2013

Blond with a brain and a blog at Dayngr Zone

Candice at That’s Tangly and Candice does the World

Denise at Denise’s Planet, Codes and Secrets

Jen at Sprite’s Keeper

Maggie at Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

Mary at Kyooty Center

Nic at Me, my thoughts and everything else

Tracey at May Contain Traces of Nuts and Our Holidays

Vince at Rocker Guy Ramblings

9 Responses to Who I Read

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  2. Vodka and Ground Beef makes the cut! Cheers!

  3. Vincent says:

    Delighted, you needn’t have asked. I’m glad you like the posts though. And come anytime.

  4. Flattered and grateful ;>) !

  5. Travis says:

    Thanks for the shout!

  6. nelson says:

    Gee, Kate. This is an honor for me to be included in this list. I hope I meet up to your expectations :) I love your blog too.

  7. I wonder if you would like this one. She is a mother and a teacher.

  8. Dayngr says:

    You can totally list me as Dayngr if it’s shorter and more convenient for you. Heck, I’m just honored to have made the list. Now, where do I send the check?

    :) Kate

  9. Agus says:

    Finn is so CUTE! You’re so right we need to let the holidays be what they’re going to be for the kids bedises, it’s fun to revisit those holidays through their eyes and excitement! Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) recently posted..

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