Trying to explain the concept of time to Finn…in his world, it’s either NOW or NEVER.

Finn brought home a plant from daycare.  We set up a place for him to put it by the window for sunlight.

Josh: Is it a flower?

Finn: No.

Me: Well, what is it?

Finn: It’s some type of food.  We can see and eat it when we get home tonight.

Me: Yea…it’s not going to grow that fast…

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par-ent-ing. n. Wherein your child surpasses your intelligence at a horrifyingly young age.

I knew there would come a day when Finn would surpass my intelligence.  I didn’t think it would happen before his 5th birthday.

He used a word the other day I didn’t know the definition of it.  I asked him what it meant and Googled it.  He had the word AND definition correct.

I am not telling you what the word is to save myself from you judgemental judgey judgement!

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…and the battle continues…

We are beginning the battle over the one TV in our house.  Josh was finishing watching his TV show, American Restoration when Finn decided he wanted to watch his show.  Background knowledge needed: Finn love to watch superhero shows…Spider-man, Batman, Avengers, Iron Man, etc.

Me: You can watch your show when Daddy is done with his show.  You should watch this though, it’s really cool.  They take really old things and make them look brand new again.

Finn:  Yeah..but…saving people is really important too.

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Wherein I know I’m doing something right as a mom.

Me: what do you want for your birthday?

Finn: dinosaurs, but not too many because then they’ll fill up the house and I won’t have a place to play.

Me: so how many do you want?

Finn: 3. But if there’s only 2, only buy 1 because otherwise another kid will want it and it won’t be there and he would be sad.

Heart melting

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When “because I said so” isn’t enough.

Me: No.

Finn: Why?

Me: Because.

Finn: Because why?

Me: Because I said so.

Finn: Why did you say so?

And then I stuck a fork in my eye.

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