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Trying to explain the concept of time to Finn…in his world, it’s either NOW or NEVER.

Finn brought home a plant from daycare.  We set up a place for him to put it by the window for sunlight. Josh: Is it a flower? Finn: No. Me: Well, what is it? Finn: It’s some type of food. … Continue reading

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par-ent-ing. n. Wherein your child surpasses your intelligence at a horrifyingly young age.

I knew there would come a day when Finn would surpass my intelligence.  I didn’t think it would happen before his 5th birthday. He used a word the other day I didn’t know the definition of it.  I asked him … Continue reading

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Mama & Daddy – 1. Jo Jo – 34,234,123,289

Finn is with Jo Jo.  She calls Josh. Jo Jo: Finn says it’s a rule that he’s not allowed to wear socks with his sandals. Josh: That’s true. Jo Jo: …oh kay…well it’s cold outside.  Can he wear socks with … Continue reading

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23 Adult truths.

I saw this on my cousin’s FB wall, she had seen it on her friends.  Just being up front, I totally stole it. 1. Sometimes I’ll look down at my watch 3 consecutive times and still not know what time … Continue reading

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Wherein Josh decided he didn’t value his life…

I have had a lot of doctor appointments recently as they’ve been checking out my inflamed optic nerve.  Josh kept asking me about the amount of time I was taking off from work.  I had an invasive test and he … Continue reading

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