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Finn’s first day of Kindergarten.

We arrived early to school early.  After a photo and video shoot, we went to wait in the office.  He made 2 friends before school officially started.  He’s not great with names, so they were from then on referred to … Continue reading

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Meet the Teacher/Kindergarten Orientation

We went and met Finn’s teacher.  She seemed nice enough.  All of his things were labeled with Finnian instead of Finn.  He can write and recognize his full name, but it doesn’t have the immediate recognition he has for Finn.  … Continue reading

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Kindergarten stories coming soon…for now I wanted to share this…

August 1, 2013 History made. Unfortunately, the same day, Westboro Baptist Church decided to picket in Rochester and St. Paul in protest of equal rights for all.  The only thing I know for sure is they want attention and that’s … Continue reading

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Wherein I know I’m doing something right as a mom.

Me: what do you want for your birthday? Finn: dinosaurs, but not too many because then they’ll fill up the house and I won’t have a place to play. Me: so how many do you want? Finn: 3. But if … Continue reading

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Finn’s laws.

Finn schooled us on his expectations for expressing our love in the car this morning: If I say I love you, you have to say it back. If I say I love you too, you don’t have to say it … Continue reading

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