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Dear Finn – 5 Years

5 years ago I never could have imagined this moment.  As much as I tease you and you test my patience all some days, I can’t imagine a world without you in it.  You make everything vividly bright.  A world … Continue reading

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My better half.

Many kids with absent fathers get stuck repeating the cycle and choose a guy who leaves them to raise their child(ren) alone.  Statistics say this would be my fate.  Some family members were very concerned about me following in the … Continue reading

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Do you feel old?

No? Let me help you with that. 34 things that will make you feel old I will be 31 in a little over a month, my son will be 5 in 11 days, and 5 years ago today I created … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Jo Jo!

We helped my mom celebrate her 60th birthday.  There was a terrible accident, but we were mainly able to keep Finn’s attention away from it (Thank God)!  And just reminds me why Finn will ride a motorcycle over my dead … Continue reading

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What I learned from my mom…

Today my mom is turning 60 and although I can’t say our relationship has always been easy, I can say we’ve always been there for each other when the other needed.  And we have always loved each other more than … Continue reading

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