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Sometimes I think we forget…

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Wherein I get scolded by my eye doctor for an inappropriate sense of humor.

I went in for my annual eye exam, knowing I needed a new prescription for my glasses.  The doctor was looking in my eyes with the light and asked if I had been having headaches. Me:  Um….yeah. So my optic … Continue reading

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A conversation from the car.

We have some of our best conversations in the car.  Finn, like his mother and father, like to listen to music, loudly in the car.  If we’re not talking, Finn is asking us to turn up the music. We were … Continue reading

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Finn reading with his cousin.

Disclaimer: the past videos I’ve attempted to post have not shown up.  I *believe* I have fixed the problem, but if all you see here are words and no video, I have not. Share this post!

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The question that doesn’t have an answer…

Finn: Mama, what should I be when I grow up? Me: You can be anything you want as long as you’re happy. Josh: I’ll choose for you! Finn: No, Mama has to choose.  Mama, what should I be?  I want … Continue reading

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