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When I have to remind myself I don’t believe in the death penalty.

There are some times when I believe our justice system actually works as it is intended.  I was proud that the evil Sandusky was sentenced to nearly half a century in prison.  However, at the same time, I had a … Continue reading

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For those of you out there who join me in wanting to drink tequila when I think of my child’s third year of life.  This is what they don’t tell you when you become a mother… 1.  Dooce says it … Continue reading

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That is all. Share this post!

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I love the gays!!! Do you?

I saw this via all the awesomeness I call Sprite’s Keeper and thought it had to be shared. From what I gathered, this company is equal opportunity distributors of preservatives and fatness, but when it comes to equal rights, not … Continue reading

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Police who are obviously unaware of the right to peaceful assembly and protest granted to all Americans by the Constitution.

My very best friend in the entire world for 15 years attends Berkeley.  The unprovoked brutal attack on students who were protesting a tuition increase of 81% would have been crazy, but to think that someone I love could have … Continue reading

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